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    Phone: 424-282-6800
    Email: info@sequoiawellness.org


    8AM – 12AM (Locations below)

  • Santa Monica
  • Hollywood
  • WLA
  • WeHo
  • Culver City
  • Beverly Hills
  • Playa del Rey
  • Westchester

    12PM – 12AM (Locations below)

  • South Bay

    Last Call: 11:30PM


Sequoia Wellness, QPA, is a medical marijuana delivery service (dispensary) serving the West Los Angeles, Hollywood and South Bay communities of Los Angeles County. Founded in August 2013, our owner, Christopher Hope, started with a small investment working from home. As a delivery service, we cover approximately 100 sq miles of the Los Angeles area, from the Hollywood Bowl to Santa Monica, and south to Redondo Beach.

Medical Cannabis and you

  • About Cannabinoids
  • THC
  • CBD
  • How Medical Cannabis works
  • Conditions that might benefit from a high CBD regiment
  • Conditions that might benefit from a high THC regiment
  • The Entourage Effect
  • Terpenes